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Creative Thought -- Abstract Acrylic & Ink Mixed Media on Paper 5x7 in. $225.00

Original acrylic & ink abstract artwork, mixed media, is captured on paper which measures 5x7 inches. This paper print is one-of-a-kind and is supplied framed in a white matte.

Acrylic paints and inks are added to a hard, flat surface to create an abstract image. Mixing acrylic paints and inks together is like mixing oil and water; a fluid, dynamic interaction takes place at the boundary between the two until the point at which the interaction is manually stopped by pressing paper onto the surface. Only one paper print is created and this image is totally unique.

The "David Wells Art" watermark will not appear on your purchased artwork.

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All images are Copyright David Wells. All rights reserved and permission must be given before using any image for any purpose. The purchase of this artwork does not transfer reproduction rights.

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