Artist Statement

I am a scientist and an artist.


I am David Wells - I embody the science of art and the art of science. I am not easily labeled or fit into a standard box; instead, I am a unique blend of my life experiences - analytical, creative, intellectual and spiritual. My art is equally simple and complex, filled with energy and light, and it draws people into the moments and messages of the art. 

My media of choice includes acrylic paints, inks and mixed media. I create art with an intention, a thought, a feeling, and each contains a unique energetic signature which helps attract the ultimate owner. There are many that enjoy the energy of the works, yet there is also that one person who knows the message of the work was created solely for them to appreciate in their home.

The messages within each work are all connected to being authentic, living life fully, and choosing to trust in a greater force unseen. When the owner sees the artwork for the first time, there is an instant attraction and this moment is truly genuine to witness. I also create "energetic portraits" of people (souls, really) on commission and the artwork contains the essence of that individual.  

In March 2014 I was selected as the “Minnesota Artist of the Year” by the editors of Twin Cities TOSCA magazine, spring 2014 issue.  It is my honor that my colleagues acknowledge my work along with renowned national artists. I have since relocated to Laguna Beach, California. 

With alchemy of multiple media, my artwork continues to evolve from traditional wall paintings to furniture (table tops), kitchen tiles, marble floors and back splashes, lampshades, mirrors, doors, fashions, windows, plastics, mobiles and more.  The continuing growth in form and freedom with experimentation encourages clients and collectors to grow and free their minds to move forward in their own direction. Commissions are becoming more popular, with any hard surface in the home amenable to my artistic process.  

In the summer of 2015 I joined the outstanding artistic community of Laguna Beach and am being inspired by the ocean and the energy of California. I exhibited at the Laguna Art-A-Fair Fine Art Festival in the summer of 2016 where I met so many new fans of my work. Stay connected via social media to learn of my public events which include art healing workshops - no artistic talent is required, simply come for the fun of creating art and you won't regret it!  Private workshops are also welcome; contact David to arrange a workshop. 

David Wells - August 2018